the leadership of YBS Group isn't the board, it’s not the chiefs, it’s not the Senior Leadership Team, it’s these people - it’s these 550

our solution

Ignite 550 creates an identity for YBS Group's frontline managers and provides ongoing development content via our online portal. We’re also telling the leadership stories of this key community; helping them feel valued, empowered and supported.

Ignite 550 launch event. The largest single event the Group had ever delivered

YBS Group supported our idea to make a strategic commitment to their frontline managers…and we’re helping them get started. Ignite 550 provides a specific focus on the FLM community across the organisation and is built around a calendar of content which caters for all learning types in a manageable, efficient way.

how's it going?

Ignite 550 launched in March 2016 and represents a fresh approach to development and learning for the Group. We’re supporting the emerging FLM community to become a self-managed network and are beginning to see the impact of the programme’s material across the organisation.


year commitment to FLMs


video episodes annually


of active FLMs


frontline managers

Vision, Trust & Energy. Watch our Masterclass with YBS Group's Chief People Officer, Jane Hanson.

It’s early days, but Ignite 550 gives all FLMs across the YBS Group the opportunity for high quality mobile development and support on the go; something they’ve identified as a critical long-term business requirement.

even though I thought I had a lot of management experience, the content is a great reminder and refresher to re-energise me