the progress we’ve made as a business since the
[Power of 92] is simply stunning...

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From launch events up and down the UK in 2014, we kick-started a whole new movement for Frontline Managers in M&S - The Power of 92.

Po92 launch. Watch how we launched The Power of 92 to over 4,000 frontline managers.

Our outcome was to make Section Managers feel special, invested in and valued in the long term. After a series of one-day launch events, we followed up with high impact online content to inspire and empower each manager on-the-go.

We followed up with an online portal to house the ongoing programme material and worked alongside the internal team at M&S to support strategic messages on their social platform. So far, we’ve delivered over 270,000 hours of self-study & development material and have taken people out of their stores for just that single day.

how's it going?

Now in its third year, The Power of 92 is now a self-managed and networked community of leaders where individuals can share their stories, knowledge and experiences. 50% of programme content is created direct from the frontline, alongside a central content plan that aligns with the ongoing business diary and key strategic priorities.


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Bringing change to Rochdale. Masterclass with Nick Bluer, Store Manager.

M&S Customer Satisfaction increased 5% points in the 6 months following launch, having not moved for the previous two years. In 2016 it reached record levels.The Power of 92 community now have a powerful and influential identity within M&S, with many saying it’s ‘the best thing they’ve been involved in.’ M&S’s Retail Director describes the progress of PO92 as ‘simply stunning’.

we've had our highest customer satisfaction scores that we've ever had since we launched the programme