we reinvented
the wheel

Building a better engagement agency
from the ground up.

NSU is a hybrid of organisational development experts and a full service design and media agency. That means we know what we're talking about and can deliver it in the most effective, beautiful way.

building strong relationships

We're a small, perfectly formed team who create partnerships for the long term.

Our skills are varied but our commitment is constant. We care about creating something new and original; effecting change across a business to make it a better place for people to work in and for customers to experience.

tim robson
managing director
rachel leahy
video producer
ben skerratt
video producer
joanne green
executive PA to MD
luci sloan
programme support
helen mclaughlin
sam gough
creative director
steph robson

how it all works

Personal development, in your pocket and by your side.

Our work is built on a simple premise. We work with clients over a multi-year period, with programmes built on the foundations of an online learning platform. This creates a networked community of frontline managers who can download and engage with content regularly.

As our programmes grow and develop, we shift the focus to internal stories and learning experiences from within the community. This creates sustainable, lasting change. And all the while, we remain on the ground, living and breathing what your frontline managers are going through to ensure we stay relevant and that our content sticks.

beautiful design

Our designers work alongside your brand and marketing team, creating a look and feel that's unique, engaging and cohesive to your wider brand.

safe & secure

Our team work alongside your internal InfoSec to ensure our portal are safe and secure, with each user having a unique login.

scale & flexibility

Whether you're running an organisation with 100 or 10,000 FLMs, our programmes scale and grow according to your needs.

bite size learning

Content is tailored to bite size chunks, keeping it focused, fresh and quite simply, easier to find time for.

simplified onboarding

New starters? We've got that covered, with dedicated content for new arrivals to get up to speed.

fast & mobile

Each portal is designed to work on any device and thanks to our content delivery network, they're all lightning fast.

updates & support

Each programme has a dedicated relationship manager to ensure you never miss a beat - they'll be there for you whenever you need them.

more than a portal

Each client is unique, so we take the time to understand your needs and stay flexible as our relationship develops.

it works...

We constantly monitor our own internal analytics alongside your own business indicators to ensure our learning content hits the spot.

NSU in action. Watch our showreel for an overview of what we get up to.

why it all works

Three core values guide us in everything we do.

we care

Leadership, training and development all come down to one thing: people. Our care and concern for people’s lives and careers, happiness and success is the driving force behind our approach. We think it makes us a little different.

we're creative

To engage your people and create lasting change, we need to be creative. Agility, creativity and flexibility are strong threads throughout NSU – whether that’s finding new ways to improve your operations or devising fresh content that can engage people more effectively.

we're commercially savvy

We’ve grown up in the world of large corporates, so although we’re a small, nimble business, we never lose sight of the challenges of big organisations.

ready for the next step?

Your frontline is where the action is - let's make it truly engaging.

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